At Robert Hawker Venison, we are committed to providing the country’s best chefs with the country’s finest venison.

All of Robert Hawker’s venison is cut to order in order to ensure the freshest cut possible, it also means that if you don’t see the perfect cut or species listed below we can cut and size the venison you require to order.

Food standards stamped – every carcass is inspected and stamped by a food standards meat inspector.

All our meat is delivered in a temperature controlled vehicle by one of our knowledgeable staff.

All of our deer are either from wild sustainable herds or from deer parks where the deer live as wild.

As wild deer, carcass sizes differ greatly from animal to animal. We can supply whole carcasses as well as any type of cut you might need.

You can see some of the fine cuts of meat that have been produced from our wild and sustainable carcasses.

With a rich and intense flavour, wild venison is quickly becoming a staple of many restaurant menus across the UK. Robert Hawker Venison provides high-quality range of fresh venison to a number of the leading restaurants in the South West and beyond.

Robert personally selects his venison, and along with his team of butchers assures the same quality and tenderness as farmed meat. Operating from our food standards approved wild venison processing centre in Devon, we source and select only the best venison from the UK’s leading estates, farms and forests.

If you are a restaurant and would like to speak to Robert about using wild venison on your menu, why not get in touch.

You can find Robert Hawker Venison at the following restaurants:
Castle Hotel, Taunton
Augustus Restaurant, Taunton
Farthings Hotel, Hatch Beauchamp
and more

We take great pride in the quality of meat we provide and the relationship with our customers is of upmost importance.

Robert Hawker has been working with the Highclere Estate for over fourteen years and has an extraordinary passion for the countryside and wildlife at Highclere. He has proved excellent at managing the deer and improving the stock. His clients are able to enjoy his first-rate knowledge of the countryside to benefit from selecting the right deer to stalk.
Venison is a delicious meat and whether used for fillets or stews is a part of the winter season here at Highclere.
I wish him all the best for the coming year again!

Lady Carnarvon – Highclere Estate