As a large part of effective deer management constitutes the ‘culling’ of old, weaker and overpopulated deer areas, Robert uses his vast knowledge and experience to give clients the opportunity to learn the subtle art of deer stalking first-hand.

Whether you have been stalking all of your life or are a complete newcomer. Robert will be able to provide you with a professional stalking experience that you will never forget.

Clients can choose from Red, Roe, Muntjac, Fallow and Sika stalking at a number of premier estates and forests across the south of England.

What Robert offers:

  • Professional and qualified guide, with over 25 year experience.
  • Deer Stalks either in the morning or the evening. (These stalks last up to 3 hours).
  • Use of estate rifles and ammunition available.
  • Arrangement of accommodation, where required.
  • Ammunition at an additional cost.
  • Taxidermy preparation.
  • Use of shooting ranges.
  • Provision of optical equipment, shooting sticks and clothing as needed.

For more information and for a full list of stalking opportunities please contact Robert.

Robert offers days guided stalking throughout the Westcountry Devon, Somerset, Hampshire.

  • Introduction to deer stalking. 1 day.

Full tuition in safety, shooting, fully guided experience opportunity to cull deer all equipment provided.

  • Stalking+ Butchery day! Morning stalk followed by time spent on typical techniques. Techniques covered on the day included: gralloching, skinning, carcass butchering and presentation.
  • Guided stalking days! 1-1 Guidance, building confidence and goal reaching.
  • Management group days! (Booked annually) For long term proficient clients that have spent time in the field and know what Robert expects.

Please call to discuss what type of day you’re interested in – 07967 698 153