The Muntjac was introduced to Great Britain by the Duke of Bedford at Woburn Abbey in the early 1900s. This small, tropical deer species originates from Asia and India, and has done very well in the UK. The original area of introduction has spread far and wide and Muntjac are now to be found throughout South Central England and East Anglia. Possibly 500,000 are now resident and cause significant damage to property. Muntjac are tropical, and thus have no breeding season, with a fawn being born to the doe every seven months. Warmer winters are making survival rates among youngsters much higher.

Muntjac Hide Price Guide:
Grade A: £50
Grade B: £30
Grade C: £15

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Chefs Species Guides-59-min

Muntjac – Doe

Chefs Species Guides-58-min

Muntjac – Buck