Robert Hawker Venison is a professional business that has been created to specifically deal with the increasing problem posed to farmers and land owners by all species of deer. Due to pockets of land that act as a sanctuary, the deer populations in the UK is burgeoning. The issues with managing these animals are diverse and the numbers can be staggering.

Deer are highly intelligent and learn to avoid skilled hunters when under pressure. Given access to sensible areas of land and the cooperation of landowners, we can immediately reduce deer problems and the damage to land and property.

An interesting fact to know is that an adult Fallow deer eats 4.5kg of food daily.


Our aim is not to eliminate all deer, it is to restore the balance and quickly bring populations down to an acceptable level. Once on top of the problem, we respond to any large groups of deer arriving on the land very quickly.

The population management starts with females of all species to reduce population numbers, the males are carefully monitored and culled according to age in order to maintain good blood lines through the wild herds.

Robert Hawker Venison is managed by a team of keen and passionate deer stalkers, to whom the control of deer is a crucial part of rural land management. Please contact Robert if you have any Deer Management Requirements to discuss.

Telephone: 07967 698 153