Robert Hawker leads the way in sustainable deer management. He knows the Deer from the field, woodland to your fork. Robert understands the health and welfare of the animal making sure that from shot to the final consumer that this venison will be of the highest standards, backed by full approval from the FSA (His carcasses have fully being inspected by FSA meat inspectors)

Robert is self taught, backed up with various Industry qualifications. His eye for livestock comes from a family farming back ground, his love for deer comes from growing up in red deer country, his customer skills comes from retail experience, the butchery skills come from a passion to succeed.

Robert has huge pride in our services and venison products.

The best possible, always.

Although happy and successful working within the gun trade, Robert couldn’t get away from his love of the countryside and the calling of the outdoors, when in 2005 the opportunity to become the deer manager at Highclere Castle (of Downton Abbey fame) arose, Robert knew he couldn’t turn it down. A short time later Robert started his own business, Robert Hawker Venison and Stalking.

Robert is very clear about the type of venison he provides. “I manage deer properly”, he says, “I only select those animals that I want to cull each year…I don’t just go out and shoot the first animal I see, it’ll be the right animal…People realise now that deer have to be culled, if the right person is doing it, then it is safe and ethical”.