Robert Hawker Venison – Field to Fork

With a taste rich and full in flavour, Robert Hawker Venison brings you the highest quality wild venison from the West country’s best estates and privately owned farms. Through personal management, Robert ensures that all of his venison is ethically managed and traceable, while limiting the impact on the local environment and biodiversity. With subtle variations in flavour and texture, Robert will let you decide which of Red, Roe, Muntjac or Fallow takes your fancy…


Truly wild spaces and habitats are unfortunately confined to British history, with the countryside plundered to produce crops, graze animals and grow trees. We have a duty to manage wild deer populations and protect them from starvation, potential for disease and injury and death in road traffic accidents, while protecting those who share their habitats from overgrazing.

In the absence of natural predators, stalkers like Robert Hawker, have to undertake sustainable management of deer through culling, to try and stop the rising population and its risk to the existing stock. Focus on maintaining and improving a healthy existing stock is at the core of what Robert and his colleagues try to achieve, keeping a strong variety and number of wild deer for future generations to enjoy, while providing a protein rich and healthy meat for the local population.

Robert takes a great deal of care in selecting deer to cull, the venison is the finest quality and I use for many of my recipes. 

— Marco Pierre White